A Brief History of Roullete

The game of Roullete is a fascinating combination of chance and strategy. It was likely derived from the Italian game Biribi. Today, this game is popular in casinos all over the world. And it is a great game for amateurs, as well. If you’re considering playing Roullete, consider this brief history of the game. In addition to the rules, we’ll discuss the variations, Betting options, and House edge.


The odds of winning even-money bets are the best in French roulette. Because this variation only has one 0 slot, winning even-money bets in French roulette will pay out half of your winnings. French roulette is very similar to European roulette, with the exception of the numbers on the chip. The betting options in this game include even-money bets and “Impair/Pair.” These bets are marked with P, M, or D.

Betting options

Roulette is a popular game in which you place chips on the desired outcome. The different betting options are known as inside and outside bets. Because of the way the table is laid out, the betting options are labeled. The payouts for each of these bets are determined by the chances of the specific number occurring. For example, betting on a single number pays 35:1 if it happens. However, the true odds of winning specific bets differ based on the additional zero in European roulette.

House edge

The House edge of Roulette refers to the percentage that the house gains from the average payouts. There are two types of roulette wheels – American and European – and the house edge of each differs. In addition, European roulette has green zeros instead of red. Hence, the house edge of European roulette is less than that of American roulette. In other words, if you want to maximize your winnings, you must play European Roulette.